Program Thursday March 15

How to operate with the robot


08:00- 09:00 Registration and coffee

Morning session:

09:00:  live surgery robot assisted laparoscopic low anterior resection with 3-D transmission to Breepark.

  • Moderator: Jennifer Schreinemakers
  • Surgery: Rogier Crolla

Afternoon session:


  • The difference between robotic and conventional laparoscopic operations
  • Peri-operative measures, positioning the patient, portplacement, docking
  • Anatomy of the mesorectal plane and vascular supply
  • Basic steps of robotic low anterior resection
  • Tips, tricks and stupidities
  • Workshops on the robotic console


  • proctors:
    • surgeons: Jan Wijsman, Jennifer Schreinemakers, George van der Schelling, Rogier Crolla
    • nurses: Pauline de Wijs, Marieke Hellenthal, Kathleen de Bie, Nicole Verstraeten

Restricted number of participants



Program Friday March 16

8:00 – 9:00  Registration and coffee


9:00     Opening

09:10   Quality in surgery: international developments and the Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing. Eric Hans Eddes

09:30   Rectal cancer surgery in the Netherlands: results of the national audit program DCRA (Dutch ColoRectal Auditing). Pieter Tanis

09:50   What is the evidence in the literature for robotic rectal cancer surgery. Philippe Rouanet

10:10   What are my arguments to perform robotic rectal cancer surgery. Anke Smits


10:30 -10:50   break


10:50   The alternatives: TaTME, laparoscopic and open surgery. Manish Chand

11:10   The Hospital Boards Perspective. Olof Suttorp

11:30   How to perform a robot assisted laparoscopic low anterior resection video, teaching and steps. Amjad Parvaiz


12:00 – 13:10 lunch


13:10   Anatomical insights: What did I learn from robotic rectal cancer operations. The O’s and Ahhhs. Rogier Crolla

13:30   What did I learn proctoring. George van der Schelling

13:50   Six years of robotic rectal cancer surgery. The Amphia Results. Rogier Crolla

14:10   Fluorescense in robot colorectal surgery. Niels Harlaar

14:25   T4 resections and robotic surgery. Janneke Tersteeg


14:40 – 15:00 break


15:00   What after rectal surgery? What about right colon robotic? Shwan Amin

15:20   The future of robotics. Ivo Broeders

15:40   Panel discussion and Closing Remarks. Jan Wijsman en Jennifer Schreinemakers


16:00   Drinks