Looking Back

First Breda Robot Congress was fantastic!!!

The First Breda Robot Congress was held 15 and 16 March 2018. The first day for a limited number of 20 participants focussed on the implementation of a robotprogram and practical insights. In the morning a robot assisted abdominoperineal resection was live streamed in 3D. The streaming and 3D immersion were perfect and the case proved to be rather difficult. This was much appreciated by the audience as it showed the advantages of robotic surgery. There was a very lively discussion moderated by dr George van der Schelling en dr Jan Wijsman and a lot of interaction with the surgeon dr Rogier Crolla. In the afternoon several lectures were presented by the faculty followed by a hands-on training on two robots.

On the day of the actual congress on March 16th the Gehoorzaal of Amphia Langendijk was full. Very much information was brought by national speakers and international guests as prof Philip Rouanet and prof Amjad Parvaiz. Quality strategies in Healthcare were discussed by Eric Hans Eddes. Pieter Tanis discussed new data on rectal surgery in the Netherlands that show very high quality and results. He also had the difficult job to talk about alternatives for robotic surgery. Insights in financing a robot system, in local Breda results, in robot anatomy, fluorescence, T4 tumors were shared. Prof Ivo Broeders ended the congress with a view at the future.

The organizing committee wants to thank all the excellent speakers and the participants. Many of them expressed the hope that a second congress will be organized. Yes, we will be back !

On behalf of George van der Schelling, Jan Wijsman, Jennifer Schreinemakers en our excellent congress organizer Linda van Hulten,

Rogier Crolla, course director