Eric Hans Eddes

Eric Hans Eddes is a gastro-intestinal surgeon since 1997, working at Deventer Hospital in Deventer. Former president of the Dutch Society of Gastrointestinal Surgery (NVGIC). Former member of the Board of the Dutch Society of Surgery. Cofounder of DSCA (Dutch Surgical Colorectal Audit) and DICA (Dutch Institute for Clinical Audit). He is president of the board of DICA. He is an authority on quality assesment and one the most important promotors of quality improvement in surgical healthcare in the Netherlands.



Pieter Tanis

Pieter Tanis is consultant at the Academic Medical Centre since 2010, Chairman of the Dutch Colorectal Cancer Group, board member of the Dutch Surgical Colorectal Audit (DSCA) and Dutch Peritoneal Oncology Group (DPOG), a member of the advisory board of the Maag Lever Darm Stichting (MLDS) and Lynch-Polyposis society, member of the national colorectal cancer guideline committee, and Associate Editor of Colorectal Disease and Digestive Surgery. His clinical and research focus is colorectal cancer, both primary tumor and metastatic disease. Besides his core focus, he is involved in the teams of intestinal failure, pelvic redo surgery, gynecologic oncology, and inflammatory bowel disease. Minimally invasive surgery is an important aspect of his clinical work. He has published over 140 articles in peer reviewed journals and is principle investigator of the multicenter randomized BIOPEX and COLOPEC trials on pelvic floor reconstruction after APR for rectal cancer and prophylactic HIPEC in T4 colon cancer. Furthermore, he is part of the steering committee of the TESAR trial on rectal preserving treatment and CAIRO6 trial on perioperative systemic therapy in patients undergoing CRS+HIPEC. 


Philippe Rouanet.

Philippe Rouanet is Professor of Surgery in the Département chirurgie at L’Institut régional du Cancer de Montpellier. He has a vast experience in laparoscopic and robotic surgery and is the initiator and author of important scientific researches in the GRECCAR study group. He is a renowned proctor for robotic colorectal surgery and member of the faculty of EARCS.


Anke Smits

Anke Smits is a gastro-intestinal surgeon at the Antonius Hospital Nieuwegein with a special interest in laparoscopic colorectal surgery. Known because of her punctuality and manual proficiency, she is is considered to be one of the best colorectal surgeons in the Netherlands. In a dark past she has beaten George van der Schelling in the final of a nationwide proficiency contest in laparoscopy. She started robotic surgery in 2016. But there is more: she is an excellent lyric soprano and also known as the Singing Surgeon or Cantante Colorectal





Amjad Parvaiz

Amjad Parvaiz is a specialist colorectal surgeon with comprehensive training in general, colorectal and laparoscopic surgery. He holds the position of Professor of Surgery at Poole, as well as Head of Minimal Access and Robotic Colorectal Surgery at the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon, Portugal. Prof. Parvaiz has a special interest in colorectal cancer and benign diseases. During his previous role at Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust, Prof. Parvaiz was actively involved in medical education and clinical skills training. His work at the National and International level was recognised and he was awarded a Chair in Surgery by the University of Portsmouth in 2011. Prof. Parvaiz was one of the leading national trainers for the consultants’ training program in Lap colorectal surgery run by the Department of Health to promote training in key-hole bowel cancer surgery. Prof. Parvaiz became a pioneer in developing the Robotic Colorectal Surgery programme at Portsmouth and is an international proctor for Robotic colorectal surgery and has trained surgeons across Europe and beyond. He developed a curriculum for training Robotic rectal resection and is Co-Director and founding member of the European Academy of Robotic Colorectal Surgery (EARCS). His clinical outcomes are published in various peer-reviewed journals


Niels Harlaar

Niels Harlaar is a gastro-intestinal and oncologic surgeon, currently fellow at the Catharina Ziekenhuis Eindhoven. He has been working in the OMIG, the Optical Molecular Imaging Groningen research group in the research-line Molecular Fluorescence Image Guided Surgery and Pathology of prof. dr. Go van Dam. In 2017 he has published his PhD-thesis “Molecular Fluorescence Guided Surgery of Peritoneal Metastases”.





Ivo Broeders

Ivo Broeders is professor Robotics and minimally invasive interventions at the MIRA Institute, University of Twente, and surgeon at Meander Medical Center in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, Honorary member of the Dutch Society of Endoscopic Surgery, Former president and active board member of the Society of Robotic Surgery (SRS) and was visiting professor of PLA General Hospital Beijing, China. He introduced robotic surgery in the Netherlands in august 2000, and has extensive clinical, research and market experience in this field. He is specialized in complex reflux disease and hiatal hernia, colon cancer and pelvic floor disorders/prolapse.



Breda faculty

Rogier Crolla  Rogier Crolla

George van der Schelling George van der Schelling

Jan Wijsman Jan Wijsman

Jennifer Schreinemakers Jennifer Schreinemakers

 Olof Suttorp CEO Amphia Breda